I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your WOT Box. 

Can you send two photos of the software listed below? That will help me to identify which wire or setting is incorrect. Make sure you capture the entire WOT Box software window when you take the pictures. The software is available here:

Photos to send:

Photo #1: With the key on, engine off, push the gas and clutch pedals to the floor. With the gas pedal down and clutch down, click read in the software and take a photo of the results. Be sure to capture the entire software screen. The vehicle snapshot should show DN in the box to the right of the Clutch voltage and the TPS voltage.

Photo #2: Start the car. With the key on, engine on, click read again with the gas up and clutch up. The vehicle snapshot should show UP for both Clutch and TPS and it should also show the engine idle RPM.

Email or text both photos to (904) 796-8269 or sales@n2mb.com

Make sure you include in your email or text message what car make, model and year you have!

Let me know if you have any questions.