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Shift Light

Materials Required

  1. Standard serial cable. Example
  2. LED - Blue recommended. Example

    The LED can have a resistor in line with it, but it is not required since the serial port is already current limited to 10 mA MAX. If the LED is too bright, you can dim it by adding a resistor...

  3. Momentary, normally-open button (optional) 

Wiring Diagram 

  • You can just get a standard serial cable and cut the female end off. I would post the wire colors, but they seem to vary with each cable I cut open. So, you will want to use a meter to tone out the wires and find the 4 you need.
  • I recommend using a blue LED and placing it in direct view of the driver. Blue will give you the best visibility in daylight, in my opinion.
  • The button should be a momentary button that is normally open.