WOT Box Optional Accessories

WOT Box AC Adapter - $16.99 - Free US Shipping
This AC Adapter will power the WOT Box when removed from the car to allow software upgrades using a desktop computer. If you have a laptop computer, you don't need this. You can just bring the laptop to the WOT Box.

WOT Box Window Switch Add-On - $65 - Free US Shipping
This add-on device plugs into the side of the WOT Box and adds a full nitrous or water injection window switch to your WOT Box.  This cable can drive your nitrous solenoids or water injection pump directly. The output can be programmed to turn on and off at specific RPMs and at a certain throttle threshold.  It also automatically shuts off whenever the clutch is down, to prevent spraying during no-lift shifting or launch control.  All of the settings can be adjusted using the WOT Box Software.  

The add-on can drive up to 15A solenoids directly. Contact us if you need additional capacity. See the installation instructions for details on the wiring.

WOT Box Wiring Harness - $16.99 - Free US Shipping
If you need a replacement wiring harness or a wiring harness for installation on a new car, this is the same harness that was originally included with the WOT Box.

WOT Box Feature Upgrade - $70  - Free US Shipping 
If you originally purchased a single feature WOT Box, i.e. No-Lift Shift ONLY or Launch Control ONLY, and would like to have both features, you can purchase this upgrade. Since your car will not run without the WOT Box connected, we offer advance shipping with an additional $75 refundable core charge. If you chose this option, we will ship you a WOT Box that is pre-programmed to have both features and when you have received it you can return your original WOT Box. When we receive your WOT Box back, we will refund the core charge.