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Boost Box Software



You will need:

  • Computer with Windows XP or later
  • Boost Box
  • Installed Boost Box harness or AC Adapter
  • Serial Cable or USB to Serial Adapter if you don’t have a Serial Port on your computer
    (one is included in the Boost Box kit.)
  • Boost Box User Interface Software (link above)

Operating Instructions

1) Before you plug in the USB to Serial adapter for the first time, make sure you install the driver.  Ignore the driver CD that is included in the package.

To determine which driver to install, take a look at the USB to Serial adapter. There will be writing on it. 

If your USB to Adapter says "HL-340" on it as shown below:

Install this driver:

If your USB to Adapter says "HL-2303" on it as shown below:

Or it looks like this:
or this:
We recommend that you contact us to order a new USB to serial adapter that works with the latest versions of Windows.

Using the Boost Box Software

2) Connect the Serial Cable or USB to Serial adapter to the  Boost Box Serial Port and to your computer.

3) Turn your key to the "on" position. 

4) Install the Boost Box software above. It will install a shortcut to your start menu. It will also install any other required files, such as the .NET framework. 

5) Start the program from your start menu and click read. Follow the remaining setup instructions in the Boost Box User's Manual. 

6) If you have difficulty connecting to the Boost Box, make sure you have selected the right com port and the USB to Serial drivers are installed properly. 
You can be sure you have the right com port by doing the following. Close the software, unplug the USB to serial adapter. Open the software and note all the comm ports that are listed. The correct one will not be any of these. Close the software again. Reconnect the USB to serial adapter to the computer. Restart the software. The new comm port that shows up will be the right one. If no new ports show up, then you need to install or reinstall the driver for the USB to serial adapter. The driver is available at the top of this page.